Welcome to SOROS

If you require help with your user account or login, please contact your SOROS Administrator.

NOTE to Users:

Hello all SOROS users

Please Use MICROSOFT EDGE browser for this system, If you have any issue please report in line with the process below.

Business Systems Service Desk (BSSD)
Please be advised that all queries or issues should be directed to BSSD via https://hitachirailglobal.service-now.com/sp

You can use the portal to do two things:
1. Raise an INCIDENT - Something is broken – only raise if something is broken or not working with the systems.
2. Submit a Service Now SOROS request:
• SOROS REQUEST – NEW SOROS USER REQUEST - Select Yes for a HRL employee account and No for an external "TOC" account profile
• SOROS REQUEST – CHANGE SOROS USER - Amend User's Attendance Status, Location, Groups, Role Profile etc.
• SOROS REQUEST – DISABLE USER - Any leaver needs to be disabled to prevent briefings being assigned to them

o All Service Now requests will be submitted for line manager approval.

BSSD is managed between 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

External Users please contact: BusinessSystemsServiceDesk@Hitachirail.com